24 March 2013

Hot Sunday Canoe and Kayak Trailer

Hello again folks, I know my title post was weird "Hot Sunday Canoe and Kayak Trailer"! Hehe, its because today is Sunday and pretty hot as hell. Perhaps needs a cooler atmospheric in here. Ahh, going to the beach or doing a water sport might be fantastic. I'm going to take my friend Bryan who just bought a new canoe and kayak last week, perhaps invite some ladies to join us.. Hehe. To be honest, I don't know much about canoe or kayak man, I just know how to ride on! So, Bryan is the guy who knows everything about canoe, kayak, canoe trailer, kayak stackers. I asked him where did he buy this things? He said at online shop? Seriously someone sell a big stuff on internet? He said I must be isolated from internet. Haha, you got me man! Okay, lets move on.. At first he try to find his needs for canoe trailers but unsuccessful since he tries to contact or call whats on website, apparently its just fake so he don't wanna get scam. Then he search and ask to everyone who knows information about canoe or kayak online shop and finally someone suggest him a place to find single canoe trailer (which he looking for) and then he called the office, contact them and it seems the business legit. Voila!! He's got canoe trailer with a great deal and economic price. Now, we are ready to a cooler place man! Happy weekend and great Sunday folks!