25 March 2013

Earrings with Gemstones Gifts

Next week is my girlfriend birthday. Heck, I don't know what supposed to give to her. I ask my couple of friends and they said "Give her clothes, handbags or shoes! Girl love fashion stuff man!" Shoot!! I know that man but that's just too predictable.. hehe. I just knew girl or women must loves jewelry so I'm going to give her rings or ear rings for her birthday gifts. Now I have to find it online because I kind of lazy to go outside and take a bus to go to the mall or store. When everything is easy with single click on internet why we don't use it, right? As long we use for the right purpose.

Okay, finding ear rings supposed to be easy isn't? But I'm having difficulties finding what I look for. I wanted ear rings supposed to be pretty, lovely, decorative and fancy.. hehe. Well I think an earrings with gemstone what exactly I have to buy. I found an online shop selling earrings with gemstones such peruvian opal ear rings, clear skies aquamarine ear rings, lake tahoe ear candy with topaz. Price is also affordable for me and yes they are legit. All of ear rings is original handcrafted and so exquisite. Can someone help me which one I supposed to pick? Just visit the link above to see those items because I really need an input about this! All of them are lovely and fantastic, as a man I definitely wanted the best. Thank you guys for all input! Best of luck!