25 March 2013

Buy Fossils for Sale

After went to the museum today and looking old kind of animal fossils I was curious if any online shop for fossils? And again I was surprised with the results since there are a lot of number online website that sell it with various price. I guess this things for collectors only! Shame on me! Hehe I'm definitely wrong, apparently lots of ordinary people hunting fossils as well and then they sell it again to make profit. I found one good spot for collectors and if you have a hobby collecting fossils. They have forum as well and pretty much active members so the topic and member continously growing. The name of the website is Miller's Fossils. Seriously man, Miller's fossils have been established since 1972. I even not yet born.. hehe. If you are an addictive with fossils or wanted to get some more information regarding fossils, fossils for sale or buy fossils online. This is the place you can get detail info about fossils.

In my opinion, fossils is cool! You know why? Because its like a time traveller where we can learn something from a tiny little stuff that older than we are but still exist in this century. History is everything and we can learn from the past! So, if you wanna find out more about fossils I suggest you to visit those website or perhaps join their forum and contact the webmaster as well. Happy monday folks!